Message From The Principal's Desk

Message from th Desk of Principal

“When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms.
When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates.
When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.
When knowledge is fully lit, economy flourishes.”
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Any nation’s youth holds the key to its future. Youth will be better able to secure a bright future for both themselves and the nation if greater chances are provided and an effective education and learning system is established.
Hence the Role of School becomes essential for promoting quality education in the country.
Learners’ Academy English School makes sure that Education empowers our students to pursue their dreams and aspirations, regardless of their circumstances. Through education, individuals can explore their interests and passions, helping them to discover their strengths and weaknesses. This self-awareness is essential for making informed career and life choices. Education is an essential tool for developing skills like decision-making, mental agility, problem-solving, and logical thinking. It also breeds creativity and innovation.
The function of education is to think better and critically and help to develop a perspective and opinions towards life. It can help you gain respect from others and sharpen your mind. Education helps to change society for the better.
With all my love, best wishes and blessings to our dear children..!!
Mrs. Yesha Ramdasani